About United PEBS

In the struggle to excel in our ever changing business world, it seems that more and more, the needs of you, the Consumer, continue to fall through the cracks of the busy streets of business. The Solidarity of a firm hand shake has been replaced with the expedience of a computer program. The importance of face to face , voice to voice communication has taken a back seat to mass e-mail and automated recordings. We, at UNITED PEBS understand the importance of progressions and technological growth, however we deal in "personal relationships", not wireless transaction.

All business is 'people-business', no matter how you slice it. From our teams on the line to our service organisation, caring about the customer and doing the job 'right' is the guiding principle. Our sales team has dedicated themselves towards ensuring your needs will be met with a quality product, impeccable service and competitive pricing through out the years.

About Us

"United" is a leader in bringing together technology and engineering to provide solutions to customers. It is widely recognized as one of the best managed industrial unit. It is pretty young (created in 2005) and led by professionals from building and construction industry. United always believed in a committed organization and targeting long term success. United has created a powerful competitive advantage with a strong balance sheet . At united, managers enjoy autonomy to perform at their best. At United, we improve productivity only through people. We enable organizational learning and we demand, passion for greatness. We drive success through intense passion and organizational learning.


Our Mission

  • To create a customer focus and ensure this is present from top to bottom
  • Make our company regard continuous change as a way of life and not as an exception
  • Exercise leadership through deep understanding, coaching and empowering and a willingness to intervene when necessary. Getting people done through work ( we would like to lead people)
  • To satisfy customers and having customer owning focus, rather than product owning focus
  • We treat customers as appreciating assets

Our Vision

  • To organize and operate the company to deliver winning results and to become a market leader and to be good corporate citizen and make the company the most preferred employer

United Brand Promise

  • At United, technology and engineering come together to create solutions for the benefit of our customers in terms of cost saving, time saving and world class quality.

Values & Beliefs

  • We insist on integrity in everything we do.
  • We have zero tolerance for misconduct or malfeasance.
  • We believe in consistent high performance through effective management day to day, week to week, quarter to quarter, year to year.
  • We believe to achieve winning results over the long term, we must consistently generate high profits. We believe we can do this if our people are fully committed, focused, disciplined and willing to work hard.
  • We believe that finding new ways to add value for customers in the path to success.
  • We must be the industry leader in our key markets. The key to market leadership is technology leadership.

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